Back to writing

I’ll admit, I thought I’d be better at keeping this blog up to date. But over the past few weeks my world has been engulfed by work deadlines, social gatherings and the envitable flu as summer immediately turns into winter in England.

I managed to reach the end of episode 8 of Hunters Ridge at the end of August, but the script app on my phone is rapidly gathering dust as I hunt around for where I last left my inspiration. It’s currently winning the game of hide and seek.

At the same time, I began writing a novel version of Hunters Ridge. I am deliberately challenging myself to write it in a very different way, to bring in alternatives and place the focus on slightly different characters to see a new angle on the whole thing. Currently standing at five thousand words, it hasn’t been the smoothest process, but I’m please with how it going.

Now, with NaNoWriMo not long away, my mind has returned to coming up with new ideas. I have never taken part in the challenge of NaNoWriMo but I’ve decided this year is as good as any to begin. I’ve spent countless hours scrawling through Reddit’s Writers Prompts (Some of which are pure genius) and have taken to spending my train journeys daydreaming in the hunt for the perfect idea. I now have three to choose from, and I’m excited by two of them.

I definitely won’t be promising to update more, but I’ll work to get better at balancing my life. Eventually the characters in my head will rebel and force their worlds into existance, one way or another.