Last push to 50,000

I have less than 8,000 words to go before I reach the NaNoWriMo target of 50,000 words, but only 7 days to go! And I’m working most of those days. At the start of the month I really didn’t think I would come close to achieving this goal. I expected to lose interest, or be overwhelmed by work, and eventually give up, as so often happens. But now the finish line is in touching distance, I am determined to succeed. I know how my novel ends, I have it all planned. I just need to get the words down on paper (or, more accurately, computer).

But there’s one thing that I know could throw me off track. I have started re-writing. I reached a point last week where I realised I had written myself into a hole and without a redraft I wasn’t going to be able to end the novel the way I wanted. So I gave in and rewrote an entire chapter (and thank God I did, the new version is much better). However, that one re-write opened the flood gates and now I am seeing all the places I could add new things and make improvements. I’m telling myself to avoid it, to resist all urges. I’m struggling to listen to my own advice.

I know I must get to the end before I go back and start again. I have two weeks in December perfectly reserved for re-writing. I need to step away from the story before I start again. I have 8000 words to write. Yet my brain keeps thinking “wouldn’t it be great if…” whilst my phone is growing ever more full of notes and my characters are telling me they want to be more rounded people.

Must… resist.

Bring on a weekend of writing (Can I reach the end by this Sunday? Time will tell).


Chapter 1: Procrastination is my best friend

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s procrastinating. In fact, writing this post is just another way for me to procrastinate from the script writing I’ve been meaning to do all day. I started writing, then found multiple other things to do in order to do anything other than finish writing. Nothing is easier than procrastination.

I write lists every day. Lists of task for my day job, lists of scenes to add to my current script, lists of character names to use in the future. List after list after list. But very rarely do those lists amount to anything. Why? Because they’re just another way for me to procrastinate.

House work = procrastination

Netflix binge = procrastination

Shopping = expensive procrastination

Walk = Healthy procrastination

All things I could do another time, but instead, I do them right then, in that moment, just to put off writing.

Seriously, I wish I knew how to stop myself procrastinating. I have wasted so many hours of my life doing things that really didn’t need doing, just to put off writing. Each time I promise myself that next time, I won’t do it. Problem is, I’m normally hours into procrastinating before I’ve even realised I’m doing it.


The only time I avoid procrastinating? When writing is what I’m doing to procrastinate!

Maybe that’s the solution – perhaps if I make the tasks I procrastinate with into the tasks I have to do, and the writing my procrastination, I’d be much more productive.

We’ll have to wait and see. Right now, I’m off to finish writing… ooh look Master of None season 2!